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Overview of Orion Dental Welders by Sunstone Engineering

Sunstone Engineering is proud to announce the release of a new dental welder specifically designed for the dental industry.
The new Orion Dental Welder is now available for purchase.

Orion Dental Welders were designed to provide a comprehensive dental welder for dental lab technicians at an affordable price.
The Orion dental welder is a 4-in-1 welder that allows any user to toggle between 3 functions or modes:

  • Spot Weld Mode for either temporary placement or permanent fusion welds
  • Micro Mode for crowns, copings and tiny and intricate pulse arc welds
  • Pulse Arc mode for welding dental bridges and implant bars

Simply stated, Orion Dental Welders are the ideal Dental Welders for any dental lab.

Orion Dental Welders by Sunstone Engineering
Email: sales@oriondentalwelders.com